Jubilee Blueberry Bush

Jubilee Blueberry Bush


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  • Jubilee was developed in Mississippi. where it has distinguished itself by performing well in heavier soils through summer heat and sudden winter cold.
  • We especially like the upright. compact bush and the easy-picking bountiful crops of sky blue berries presented over the outer periphery of the bush.
  • Jubilee berries are medium-sized and especially tasty. growing in large clusters that ripen over a two-week period.
  • Fall foliage is yellow-orange.
  • Jubilee is recommended throughout the South and in California in areas that receive at least 500 chilling hours

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  • Entry Size Bush measures 8″-18″ tall. It arrives in a 4″x4″x9″ pot
  • Premium Size Bush measures about 12″-24″ tall. It arrives in an 8″ pot.


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Entry Size 8"-18", Premium Size 12"-24"


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