Desert King Fig Tree

Desert King Fig Tree


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  • Light green ‘white’ skin. strawberry-colored pulp.
  • Rich flavor. excellent fresh eating quality.
  • Large breba (spring) crop.
  • The later crop is light in hot climates. heavier in coastal climates.
  • Prune only lightly. occasionally. (Heavy winter pruning removes breba crop.)
  • Self-fruitful
  • Zones 5-9

Protect your tree from sunburn. insects & rodents withPLANT GUARDtreepaint & foliar spray.

Protect your roots from rodents withROOT GUARDthe original gopher wire basket.

Feed your fruit tree withRomeo Plant Food.This water-soluble fertilizer is great for in-ground or in-container growing.


  • No customer pick-up.
  • We can ship our “Other Edibles” (non-citrus plants) and growing accessories to most states. including Texas. Arizona or Florida.
  • Sorry. we do not ship any items to the US Virgin Islands. Guam. Puerto Rico or to API/APO addresses. or to other countries at this time.


  • The Premium sized trees. measured from the top of the root ball. are 24-36ᄀᄆ tall.
  • The Entry sized trees measure 12-18″ tall.
  • Within a month of delivery we suggest repotting into a larger (10-12″ diameter) container.
  • Like citrus trees. deciduous trees appreciate a well aerated growing medium that retains moisture and also drains well.
  • Provide full sun. regular feeding and good drainage to keep the tree happy and productive.


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Premium Size 24"-36"


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