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Anna Apple Tree


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  • The Anna Apple Tree is one of few varieties to take advantage of low chill climates like the warmer Southwest. Gulf Coast. and even Florida.
  • Fresh fruit is firm and crisp with a pleasant sweetness that is released with each bite.
  • Grafted onto M7semi-dwarf rootstock.
  • Light yellow-green skin covered by a red blush.
  • Heavy crops of sweet. crisp. flavorful apples with creamy colored flesh.
  • Great for eating fresh and baking and will store up to 2 months in the refrigerator.
  • A great choice for mild climates. and will produce flavorful apples even in the low desert.
  • This variety is particularly noted for heavy crops.
  • Self-pollinating.
  • Required Chill Hours: 200
  • Grafted on semi-dwarf rootstock.
  • Apples are generally late blooming.
What is a Bare Root Fruit Tree?
A Bare root fruit tree is a 2-3 year old fruit tree which has been dormant for the winter. It is delivered to you without soil. The best time to plant bare root fruit trees is the end of the winter season. This gives your tree time to acclimate to it’s environment before the warmth of spring comes.


  • Need full sun. well-drained soil. and moderate fertility.
  • Thin fruit to maximize quality and size.
  • Generally. cross-fertile. which means that the variety is not pollinated by itself. but by a different variety of the same fruit.
  • Three or more varieties are best. Harvest 3rd year.
  • zones 5-10. 200 chill hours.
  • This fruit tree is shipped dormant and bare-rooted.


Optimize Shipping: Shipping is calculated by box size.We can fit up to8 bare-root fruit trees in a box. Multi-budded fruit trees and Jujube trees will count as 2 due to branching. Optimize your shipping by ordering multiple trees.

Protect your tree from sunburn. insects & rodents withPLANT GUARDtreepaint & foliar spray.

Protect your roots from rodents withROOT GUARDthe original gopher wire basket.

Feed your fruit tree withRomeo Plant Food.This water-soluble fertilizer is great for in-ground or in-container growing.



  • Optimize shipping:Up to 8 bare-root fruit trees can fit in a box with Multi-budded fruit trees and Jujube trees counting as 2 due to branching.
  • No customer pick-up
  • We can ship our “Other Edibles” (non-citrus plants) and growing accessories to most states. including Texas. Arizona or Florida.
  • Sorry. we do not ship any items to the US Virgin Islands. Guam. Puerto Rico or to API/APO addresses. or to other countries at this time.



  • Trees are approximately 2 years old.
  • Our trees are measured by trunk caliper.
  • Trunk size may vary slightly based on availability during the season.
  • Average trunk size is 1/2″-5/8″.

All of our bare root fruit trees will come pruned so that the reduced root mass is balanced with the canopy to maximize grower success. Our bare root fruit trees are headed back to fit in the 60″ tall box that they will ship in. Branches are seldom removed during this process unless dead or damaged and are only reduced to fit the tree in the box so that the grower can decide what branches to keep or remove. This is done in a way that will allow the home grower to continue to grow the tree as a central leader or prune the tree to an open center.

The tree will be shipped dormant and bare-rooted.



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